Like photography? Like photos? Like people who take photos? Like photographers who take photos? Like photos of photos? Like photos of photographers? Like photos photographers taking photos while posing others for photos? Like...oh forget it.

After months of learning the ropes and much, much trial and error, I'm pleased to announced the launch of "Vincent Paone Photography". I know, I know...boring as it may be, it will eliminate any copyright issues (hopefully) that come with a more off-the-wall name. It also happens to be right to the point...after all, what would you gather from "Trekkie Forever Space Loving Gamer Nerd Wolf Person Likes Taking Pictures And Stuff Photography, Who Also Writes Stuff About Games And Has A Passion For Italian Food?"

So, what exactly will I be doing? Learning, mostly. However, I am at a point now where I can pull off some really nice portraits and take great landscape photos. Do I have room to improve? Most certainly. While I have a received a lot of praise for the work I've done, I know I can do better. I've also been accused of being overly critical of myself and somewhat of a obsessive-compulsive perfectionist, so I'll let you be the judge.

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